Working towards better learning in Pharmacy

Working towards better learning in Pharmacy

Driven by digital technology, our society is changing with exponential rate. This change has an impact on both Health care needs and Higher Education Institutions (Universities, Schools, and Colleges).

Pharmacy as a profession is a clear exponent of this transformation. As members of the Health Team, pharmacists need to manage complex information, think creatively, use resources (including digital ones) smartly and communicate effectively. There is a certain mismatch between these needs and the skills students actually attain.

On the other hand, Faculties are mainly oriented towards knowledge. The academia often finds difficult to include new learning-teaching activities in high demanding curricula without compromising the scientific basis and proving efficiency and quality. Nevertheless, students are not fully prepared to critically work out the information/knowledge., nor completely develop the range of transversal skills (problem solving, communication, etc.) they need for resilience in a changing world.

Our proposal is reviewing different technology driven teaching-learning activities to facilitating both aims: improving quality and engaging students in their responsibility for learning.


Technology, learning-teaching process, Pharmacy, digital society, competences.


Conference 1

Title: Use of technology to deliver team based learning

Speaker: Geeta Hitch
Institution: Dept Pharmacy Practice. School of Life Sciences. University of Sussex (UK)

Conference 2

Title: Technology and Social Media for increasing learning, communication, and critical thinking in our learners
Speaker: Ruth E. Nemire
Institution: American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). Associate Executive Vice President (USA)

Conference 3

Title: Can we achieve competencies in lab work virtually?
Speaker: Isabel García Arnandis
Institution: Departamento Ciencias Biomédicas y de la Salud. Universidad Europea de Valencia (Spain)


Names: Mª Luisa Ferrándiz / Teresa Mª Garrigues
Institution: Facultat de Farmàcia. Universitat de València, Spain.