Pharmacy Education in Africa

Pharmacy Education in Africa

With the XXI Century well entered and the challenges that we currently have in Global Health, the role of the Pharmacist is defined as a key among the generation of opportunities in a geographical context with a very young population and the creation of environments conducive to community growth.

The sustainable development goals set certain guidelines and the University must support and lead this implementation. We all must involve in generating those skills and attitudes that allow a greater number of Pharmacy Schools and studying the current situation with its strengths and weaknesses to continue improving the situation of our students and our contexts.


Conference 1

Title: Pharmacy situation in francophone Africa. Opportunities of Higher Education in Pharmacy is Sub Saharan Africa.
Speaker: David Roca Biosca
Institution: Fundación El Alto. Castellón. España

Conference 2

Title: Pharmacy Education in Ethiopia. Research goals in Pharmaceutical education in Africa.
Speaker: Ephrem Engidawork
Institution: School of Pharmacy of Addis Ababa University. Ethiopia

Conference 3

Title: Pharmacy Education in Uganda. Challenges in the leadership of African Pharmaceutical Education.
Speaker: Richard Odoi Adome
Institution: School of Health Sciences. Makerere University.


Names: David Roca Biosca
Institution: Fundación El Alto. Alicante. España