Pharmaceutical Education in Iberoamerica. Scenaries 2030 (challenges and trends)

Pharmaceutical Education in Iberoamerica. Scenaries 2030 (challenges and trends)

It is time to participate in defining the type of Pharmaceutical Education we require for the future, to know what kind of university we will have to build by the year 2030, so the questions are: What should the university do, and pharmacy faculties to train its students in the coming years? What do we have to do to insert ourselves critically in the global and take advantage of advances in science and technology for the health of individuals? To answer these questions, the universities will have to carry out academic and longterm reforms, accompanied by the development of new educational models, with policies that articulate and respond in a clear and determined way to the priorities of Health in Latin America. The ability to establish trends on the profiles required to solve health problems in Ibero-America considering topics such as: epidemiological schemes, market, production, patient care, loss of patents, less blockbusters, visit regulations, concern by the expense, alternative distributions, self-regulation, segmentations and mergers of pharmaceutical companies, as well as the harmonization of the sanitary regulation to mention some that force to pose future scenarios.


Prospective, future scenaries, pharmaceutical education trends, Future university, iberoamerican university


Conference 1

Title: The University on the Horizon 2030

Speaker: Alma X. Herrera Márquez

Institution: Universidad Abierta y a Distancia, UNAM, México.

Conference 2

Title: Pharmaceutical Education… Where are we going?

Speaker: Iván Torres Marquina

Institution: Universidad Privada Antonio Guillermo Urrelo, Perú.

Conference 3

Title: Challenges of Pharmaceutical Educaction

Speaker: María Eugenia de Olivera

Institution: Facultad de Farmacia Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina.


Names: Patricia Parra Cervantes and Ramón Soto Vázquez

Institution: Facultad de Estudios Superiores, UNAM, México.