Symposium SEFAC (Spanish Society of Familiar and Community Pharmacy)

The Pharmaceutical Professional Services in the framework of the Sanitary System

Wednesday, 26: 20:30 Auditorium (Paraninfo) Historical Building Salamanca University

The importance of Pharmaceutical Professional Services will be discussed with representatives of the Administration, patient associations, physicians, and community pharmacists. At the end of the event a cocktail will be offered to the attendees.

The pharmacist you need

Thursday, 27: 10:00 – 18:30 Plaza de los Bandos

The tent “The pharmacist you need” will be located in the Plaza de los Bandos on Thursday 27, from 10 am to 6 pm. The tent will offer professional pharmaceutical services, protocolized and agreed with medical scientific societies, to the population of Salamanca. Volunteer community pharmacists will provide pharmaceutical care on the measurement of blood pressure and the calculation of cardiovascular risk, measurement of cholesterol and glycemia, nutritional advice, support to quit smoking and education on the proper use of medications.


Name: Jesús C. Gómez Martínez
Institution: SEFAC (Spanish Society of Familiar and Community Pharmacy).