Meeting Erasmus

From mobility programs to internationalization at home

The seminar will address a range of current topics in internationalization as they relate to higher education institutions in Pharmacy, presenting the benefits of an international perspective for all stakeholders, not only the actual participants in a given mobility program. Topics will include:

  • Strategic international partnerships between Pharmacy Schools: planning, implementing and evaluating within each institutional context. Creating opportunities for students to study and staff to teach or train in international higher education institutions (HEIs). International credit mobility.
  • Creating and implementing a successful strategic internationalization plan at your Pharmacy Faculty: key stakeholders, diagnosis, communication plan, monitoring tools and evaluating outcomes.
  • Development of international competencies for all (pharmacy students and staff). Mobility and internationalization of the pharmacy curriculum. How can international students contribute to internationalization at home in a Pharmacy Faculty? How do global issues intersect with local ones?
  • Facilitating “cultural learning”. Development of intercultural competence. Benefits of enhanced multicultural educational experiences of international students in Pharmacy Schools.
  • Enhancing the student experience: are our Pharmacy Faculties providing the best possible experience for our international students? Aspects affecting the experience of international students upon arrival and throughout their studies. Best practices to enhance quality for the entire student body.
  • Pharmacy Summer schools.
  • Establishing, developing and expanding international alumni relations programmes.

Participants will be invited to share relevant case studies and hands-on exercises.


Mobility programs, Internationalization at home, Strategic international partnerships, Facilitating “cultural learning”.


Name: Carmen Rubio Armendáriz

Institution: Vice-Chancellor of Internationalization. University of La Laguna (Spain)