Commitment to Hospital Pharmacist Trainning, SEFH

Commitment to Hospital Pharmacist Trainning, SEFH.

In an era of rapidly change in healthcare and an innovations as drugs, technology and procedures, the scientific societies make a commitment to improves the competences of pharmacists, in this case Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH) to hospital pharmacist (HP).
Spain represents an example of specialization in hospital pharmacy. In this session, the first speaker will present the model, the evolution in the number of HP, the access way, the national program and an innovative competence evaluation system. It will be presented the excellent results of the model in Spain and as to apply to other countries.
In keeping with mission of the SEFH, the purpose of continuous education, the second speaker will be revealed through of formaSEFH (Continuous Professional Development) an innovative model to improve the education for staff pharmacist and technician, a process of active participation activities to help the professional.
Finally, in this session will participate a resident pharmacist and it´s a luck to know the point of view of the resident, not only the training activities, but other inciatives of the SEFH such as grants, investigation proyects and the program International Centres of Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy.


Conference 1

Title: Specialist Training as the way for Excelence in Hospital Pharmacy

Speaker: Ana Lozano Blazquez

Institution: SEFH Vice president. National Commission Hospital Pharmacy Member.

Conference 2

Title: Innovation in continuous training for specialist pharmacist and technician in Hospital

Speaker: Ana María Cordero Cruz

Institution: Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy. SEFH Deputy Director Training

Conference 3

Title: What does the resident pharmacist from training? What does SEFH do to improve training of resident pharmacist?. 

Speaker: Manuel Murillo Izquierdo

Institution: Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy. Resident pharmacist Vocal


Speaker: María José Otero

Institution: Hospital Pharmacy Service of Salamanca