Salamanca Science Park, boosting innovation

Salamanca Science Park, boosting innovation

The Science Park of Salamanca (SPS) is an initiative of the University of Salamanca (USAL) whose mission is to house new research and development structures that attempt to take better advantage of the knowledge generated within the academic and entrepreneurial contexts, promoting research and the transformation of its results into technological and industrial innovation within the framework of an Open Innovation Ecosystem. With this underpinning, in July 2005 USAL initiated the creation of the Science Park Foundation as a strategy to strengthen the interaction between the University context and Industry, based on a connection between the University, different Companies and the Public Administration. The commitment of USAL to this project is clear and the University is working intensely to consolidate it as a research and innovation ecosystem that will complement the endeavours of the University itself to build a Third Generation Park with the following characteristics:

  • It will favour the integration and development of collaborative projects among the companies housed at the Park and the institutions surrounding it.
  • Salamanca has a density of research institutions and Higher Knowledge institutions that is above the national mean. The SPS takes advantage of this economic potential to promote the development of the zone.


Conference 1

Title: Tissue compensator for improving the radiation dose when treating superficial tumors through 3D printing

Speaker: Antonio J. Alonso

Institution: My Little Factory

Conference 2

Title: Benefits of comsumption of donkey`s milk.
Speaker: Elsa Martín García (Directora General Neathea) e Irenne Villeverde Rico (Directora Técnica Neathea)

Institution: Neathea

Conference 3

Title: Discover and develop molecules for the treatment of CNS conditions

Speaker: Miguel Angel Avila

Institution: Neurofix Pharma


Name: Teresa Jiménez Cabaco

Institution: University of Salamanca, Science Park

E-mail: parquecientí